If you are in Bandung, then it's a good idea to try to stop by the Pangalengan area. Pangalengan is an area located in Bandung Regency which is known as one of the best tourist destinations in Bandung. In general, Bandung is known as a tourist area which is quite crowded with tourists during the holiday season.

Well, in this case, Pangalengan can be an alternative tourist spot in Bandung that you can try, especially when you want to do outbound. This area is known for its outbound area. In Pangalengan, there is a natural lake which is still very beautiful called Situ Cileunca. Situ Cileunca is an interesting outbound place to choose from. Curious? Check out some of the explanations below.

Lake and Tea Gardens
The Bandung area is indeed quite famous for its fairly cool climate. Well, Pangalengan is also one of the areas that has a very cool climate and is suitable for a vacation with family. Not only that, in the Situ Cileunca area, as one of the best outbound areas, you can enjoy the beauty of the lake which is surrounded by tea plantations. Of course, this combination of lakes and gardens will be very interesting and make your mind fresh again.

Cileunca Lake

At Situ Cileunca, you can do many water games as an outbound menu. This is quite reasonable because the area of this natural lake is about 6 ha. Very broad, right? Well, you can also do some outbound games around the tea garden. Of course, playing outbound around the garden will be very exciting because you will be exposed to the cool air so you won't feel tired.

outbound situ cileunca

Best Time to Visit
Before you decide to go to Pangalengan and enjoy the beauty of nature and outbound games with your family, you should know when is the best time to visit. Indeed, during the holiday season, this area is visited by quite a lot of visitors, both from West Java and other areas. However, the best time to visit this place is the dry season.

Visiting Situ Cileunca during the dry season is considered more profitable. Besides the weather being not too cold, the road to Situ Cileunca will tend to be harder and easier to pass. Different things will be found during the rainy season because the road to this place can be slippery and also mixed with mud so that it will be dangerous for visitors.

Mystery Villa in Pangalengan
If you are tired of outbound and want to rest for a while in Pangalengan, in this area there is the Mystery Villa. The location of this villa is not too far from Situ Cileunca so it can be reached quite easily and quickly. What's interesting about this villa is its location in the middle of a tea garden. Because of this location, the villa will feel very cool and of course you will feel peaceful while staying in this place.

Mystery Villa in Pangalengan

Not only that, the facilities offered in this villa are complete enough to be enjoyed. Not only is the villa building strong and beautiful, you will get interesting facilities that you might not get in other villas. This villa is equipped with CCTV to maximize security around the villa. In addition, you will also get the opportunity to enjoy fresh tea that the leaves are picked directly from the garden around the villa. Very interesting, right?

Now, with some of these interesting things, then having a vacation and enjoying outbound around Situ Cileunca, Pangalengan can be an interesting holiday menu to choose from. So, to enliven the outbound that you want to do, you can choose Gravity Adventure as a provider.

the best outbound provider in bandungg

Provider selection is indeed an important thing so that outbound can run smoothly. This provider has experience in organizing outbound and offers many attractive and affordable packages for you. With so many packages provided, you can freely choose an attractive outbound menu as you wish. Apart from that, of course, your expenses will be reduced with a cheap package. So, let's join and enjoy your holiday more interesting!

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