Bandung is indeed an attractive tourist destination for visitors. There are quite a number of tourist destinations to choose from to fill your vacation with your family, especially on weekends.

However, if you feel bored with your vacation, you can go on an outbound vacation. Of course, outbound is a fun agenda because outbound will increase family harmony and cohesiveness.

Nowadays, in Bandung there are quite a lot of places for outbound as well as the best rafting.

Many outbound places in Bandung. This will make you more flexible in choosing which is the best outbound place to fill your vacation.

So, here are some recommendations regarding interesting outbound places to be the object of a vacation with your family in Bandung. Happy reading.


One of the best outbound places in Bandung is Pangalangan. This place is highly recommended because it has natural conditions that are very supportive for outbound activities.

Not only that, Pangalangan also has the swiftest river in Bandung, namely the Palayangan river which can be used as an area for rafting. Rafting on this river will of course be very challenging and adrenaline rush.

Almost every holiday season, Pangalangan is always crowded with those who want to play rafting and have fun with outbound. The combination of supportive natural conditions and the cool air makes this place the best outbound place and it's sure to be fun.


Who is not familiar with this area? Yes, Lembang is one of the famous areas in Bandung. The existence of BOSCHA in Lembang makes this area so familiar to the community. It should be noted that Lembang is also one of the most fun areas for outbound with family.

Lembang is located in North Bandung and has very beautiful natural conditions. In Lembang, you will find quite a lot of forest that is still lush and well maintained.

So, if you go to Lembang, you will find lots of outbound menus that you can do with your family. Some of the mainstay outbound menus available in Lembang are paintball, off-road land rover, rafting and many other exciting activities.


Ciwidey is very famous for its Kawah Putih. Kawah Putih has indeed become an icon of this area which has succeeded in bringing in visitors both from within and outside the country to enjoy its natural beauty. However, besides traveling to the white crater, you can also feel the outbound sensation in this area.

Ciwidey is an area that has a river with a fairly fast current and sharp rapids. If you want to fill your holiday with quite challenging rafting activities, then Ciwidey can be one of the best recommended options for you to choose from. Almost every holiday season quite a lot of visitors throng this area to play with family and friends.
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