Bandung is indeed a tourist magnet for visitors. The cool air and beautiful nature make Bandung the right place to spend free time during the holidays.

Apart from that, Bandung also has many interesting tourist destinations to choose from. One of the tourist destinations that is being favored by many visitors is rafting.

Rafting is an adrenaline-pumping tour. When doing rafting, visitors will get a mission to explore rivers that have fast currents and lots of rocks.

Rafting is a challenging sport. So, in Bandung there are some of the best rafting spots that you can use as a reference for a vacation with your family.

Best Rafting Places in Bandung

With many of the best rafting spots in Bandung, of course you will be more flexible in choosing which is the best rafting spot in Bandung.

This time, I want to share some references for the best rafting spots in Bandung for you to choose from. Check out the explanation below.

● Ciwidey, South Bandung

Ciwidey is actually famous for its white crater. White crater tourism has indeed become one of the famous tourist ideas in the Ciwidey area and many visitors come to this place for vacation. However, besides the white crater which is so exotic, Ciwidey also has a challenging rafting spot.

ciwidey rafting
Ciwidey Rafting (@blebambuadventure)

In this area, there is a river with fast flowing water which can be used for rafting activities. The river in Ciwidey has a grade of 2-3 which means it is challenging for visitors. This rafting site in Ciwidey provides a track for rafting both long trips and short trips. Of course you can choose according to your wishes.

Not only is the river challenging, rafting in this place is also very exciting. This is because around the river there are stunning natural scenery and make the eyes cool.

● Rafting Ciater

Ciater is one of the best options for rafting in Bandung. If you want to feel a different sensation of rafting, then you must enter Ciater on the first place list. What's interesting about this place is that you will enjoy rafting with the sensation of a river with hot water. Very interesting, right?

This place is located in North Bandung and is already well known among the people. Hot water in the river appears due to the presence of earth vapor under the river flow. By rafting on a hot water river, you will feel a different freshness when traveling.

In addition, there are many artificial rapids provided by the manager. This artificial rapids was deliberately made to add to the impression of a difficult terrain when traversed. During holidays, this place is always full of visitors from all over the world.

● Palayangan River, Bandung

Another choice of the best rafting places is present in Palayangan, Pangalengan, Bandung. This is the most recommended rafting spot for you to choose while on vacation with your family. What's interesting about this place is the natural conditions which are very supportive to increase adrenaline while playing rafting.

Palayangan Rafting Gravity Adventure
Palayangan Rafting (@gravity_outbound)

In this place, you will find rafting tracks which are equipped with several waterfalls or waterfalls. With this waterfall, of course, the natural scenery around the rafting track will be even more special and beautiful.

Not only that, apart from the beautiful waterfall, the rafting track at Palayangan is quite challenging. You will be presented with a wide river with swift water currents and rocks in many places. It takes courage and special techniques so you can pass this track smoothly.

So, some of these places are interesting recommendations from rafting places in Bandung. You can choose this place as a vacation destination with your family.

If you want rafting to go smoother and easier, then you can use the services of Gravity Adventure as a provider. Gravity Adventure is an experienced provider that provides many rafting packages at affordable prices to choose from. Happy holidays!
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