Rafting is a very interesting sport and tourism idea to try. This is one of the right ways to enjoy the beauty of nature in a slightly challenging and adrenaline-pumping way.

However, nowadays, rafting tours are quite popular with the public. This is shown by the increasing number of people who want to try the idea of ​​traveling along this river and the increasing number of rafting tourist spots that have opened, especially the Pangalengan area.

Pangalengan is an area located around Bandung. You are indeed one of the best tourist icons in Bandung. This area offers quite exotic natural beauty in the form of a stretch of towering trees.

Apart from that, in Pangalengan there are also quite a number of rivers with a fairly heavy flow of water for rafting. Rafting is fun. However, you certainly still need to be careful. Therefore, on this occasion we will discuss safe tips for traveling rafting in Pangalengan.

Safe Tips When Rafting

You have to know some safety tips when rafting, because this is important and you should understand it. By knowing some of these safe tips, problems or unwanted things can be minimized and the rafting tour that you are doing will be even more exciting. 

So, what are the safe rafting tips? Here's more!

● Listen to Safety Talk

The very first thing you need to do and know as tips for safe traveling rafting is to listen to safety talk. When you want to start rafting, you will get guidance from the guide on duty.

They will provide guidance on how to do good rafting and how to deal with the dangers that may occur. By listening to the safety talk, you can minimize unwanted events.

● Wear comfortable clothes

The second thing that needs to be known as a tip for rafting tours to run safely is to wear comfortable standard clothes. Please note that Pangalengan is located around 1550 masl and has quite cold weather. Therefore, wear the right clothes and thick enough so that the body will stay warm. In addition, clothes can also protect the body from impact.

● Using a Life Jacket

Using a life jacket is another tip that needs to be done is to use a life jacket. These are tips that are actually quite easy to do and have high benefits.

One of the risks of rafting is drowning because you will be advancing in a river whose depth is unknown and has a fairly swift water flow. By using a life jacket, you will be classified as safer even though when rafting you fall from the boat you are using.

● Wear a Helmet

Apart from using a life jacket, it is important for you to use a helmet for safety when rafting. This is something that is quite important to apply. Helmets are used to protect the head from impact.
This is quite important because there is a risk of falling from the boat and hitting your head on something. Moreover, the river used for rafting usually has quite a lot of rocks of different sizes.

● Using Paddles Properly

Another thing that should also be understood as tips so that rafting can run smoothly and safely is using the paddle properly. The function of the paddle in rafting tourism is quite important because it will direct the direction of the boat used. In addition, oars are also quite important to maintain the balance of the boat.

Therefore, it would be better if you use the oars correctly so that the boat can move smoothly.

● Don't Panic

In addition to equipment preparation, mental preparation is also important for you. One of the problems that often arises is that someone will panic when faced with a difficult situation when rafting, such as when the current increases or falls from the boat.

If this problem happens to you, then you should not panic and try to control yourself. With good self-control, you will be better able to master the situation. In addition, learn swimming techniques in the river for safety.

So, those are some safe tips that you can do when rafting. If you want to play rafting safely with a trusted operator, then you can use the services of Gravity Adventure. Happy holidays!

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